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PSTA Membership

Why should you join the PSTA? 

The PSTA membership offers Traders of different security classes, a forum for the discussion of market issues and developments, networking and dissemination of industry and regulatory related information. The PSTA’s inclusion of Traders from asset classes beyond equities is unique and broadens the education and regulation platforms, exposing us all to other facets of the capital and
commodities markets.

The organization on its own and as an affiliate of the CSTA will work closely with regulators across Canada and internationally on industry
initiatives and concerns. The membership offers a network of your peers to foster relationships and promote our business and industry. The vision is to create a community of traders from diverse asset backgrounds and host events for educational and networking purposes.


Access to events will be more local and accessible for the prairie traders with an initial focus on Calgary and Edmonton, with eventual expansion to host events in Saskatchewan and Manitoba as the association grows.

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What is the cost & how do I join the PSTA? 

The annual dues for a PSTA membership are $150.00. 

Please fill out the following application form and email to

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